26 thoughts on “2020 iPad Pro Review: It's… A Computer?!

  1. I accidentally made the mistake of cracking a joke on twitter about Apple trying to lowkey ignore the GPU binning they did with the A12Z and called it funny cause they've already been called out for it (as almost always happens) and a bunch of armchair computer engineers and hardcore gamer bois came for my throat 😂

  2. THAT ACCESSORY MAGNET SHOULD BE A WIRELESS CHARGER TOO!!!! But we all know-that will NEVER happen!!!!

  3. It just took me 2 hours to airdrop 2 files (mp4 and srt) from my Mac to my iPad Pro 2018. There's seems to be no way to airdrop an mp4 file into the iPads download folder (can't save, do you want to move it into iCloud storage?) and the srt file auto open in VLC player.
    Finally manage to zip the to file an move them into the iPad. Files application EXTREMLY slow managing large files (1.87GB). No way, yet, to play the mp4 file with the srt on vlc player. Got tired. Don't wanna see the movie anymore on my 1000 USD tablet. Im going to bed. 
    Apple: Stop making things this thought and add a proper file manager… Allow me to move my files an open them with whatever I want (these are the moments when I miss android SO much…)
    There's in NO WAY this thing could replace a laptop. As long as it has IOS or iPadOS, same thing… its a basically a mobile phone software….

  4. One problem MKBHD – you can't be the person in the back row blocking everyone. That's not possible 🙂

  5. I was so excited for this! But I hate hate HATE that the magic keyboard is sold separately

  6. Great! I can have an Apple refurbished 11' iPad Pro 256G (2018) with $679 now lol. Everyone is happy.

  7. Hey Marques, I wanted to ask you what screen protector is good for my iPad 7gen? My sister recommended bersem paper-like film screen protector but I found it to be a bit rough. Should I get a screen protector for an iPad because the guy that sold me the iPad told me that it could ruin the lamination? I don't know what to get. If you do recommend getting one, can you recommend a smoother one!

  8. Thank you for the overview. The day I can create more than one 24×36 posters at 300 dpi, and have a legit file management system that's easily manageable and organizable will be the day I won't need my laptop anymore. I love my iPad Pro 11", and in many ways, it has been a game-changer, but it still has a ways to go if it is going to eliminate the need for a laptop. Understandably, that all depends on what you actually use it for though. As a designer, illustrator, photographer, and video editor it does a lot of what I need it to do, but the limitations can be a bummer when you're running full steam ahead.

  9. I would not realise that you are recording audio with the ipad instead of your microphone if you did not tell us

  10. THANK YOU for making that point about What's a computer, I'm still laughing. I remember that commercial and had the same reaction. WTH apple.

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