49 thoughts on “3T – I NEED YOU (THE BIG REUNION LIVE CONCERT 2014)

  1. I can't help but cry..The world needs you Michael..maybe someday I can accept the fact that you're no longer with us..but not now..I just can't😭

  2. The most painfull part of this song is Micheal's part 😭😭 i feel as like my heart is shoot!!💔💔
    I can feel they also hold their tears for Their beloved Uncle😭💔💔
    Bom moment: When they truned arround and look the screen pitcs about Micheal, that's make feel painfull 😭😭😭😭

  3. Michael😭i cried so hard when I heard your voice😭why did you left us..I need you.pls come back

  4. You can clearly see taryll became emotional looking at the screen. He cant even sing… i cried…

  5. The funny side of this video is that people who watched this teenage love song is mostly an adult people. Why? Because this is classic! It is 2019 now, I am almost 40 and I'm still listening this song. Why? Because it's a beautiful song. Yes, I miss MJ.

  6. Who can stand when this wonderful voice comes from heaven to simply reach the bottom of our hearts??????????? 3:08
    We miss you, Michael, we love you, we need you…

  7. The Jackson's extremely gorgeous looks are from outta this world… straight from heaven for only our God Almighty can create all that kinda beauty… captivating and overwhelming at the same time!

  8. Wow! So handsome nephews of The King of Pop🎶and True Humanitarian 🎶❤️Michael Jackson!💫 And beautiful that MJ’s solo or improvisation in this song with his handsome nephews! Beautiful Music!/Song!🎶❤️💫

  9. I actually got tears in my eyes when they turned around to look at the screen 😢! Goodness! We miss you Michael!!

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