24 thoughts on “#AFCCup2020 : CHENNAI CITY FC (IND) 2 – 2 MAZIYA SPORTS & RECREATION (MDV) : Highlights

  1. Maziya FC 2nd goal's pass on the penalty box really memorized the European clubs styles of play 🤔😋

  2. Both score of Chennai actually can be avoided/saved if Maziya's goalie didn't do those easy mistakes in saving the ball.

  3. This is fucking bullshit..whenever maziya gets the fucking lead they will fucking play defensive football and fuck the game up..I had a feeling when maziya was leading 2-1 and ccfc was pressing ccfc will score..I fucking predicted this shit..And TC what the fuck??? Ali Ashfaq so called king of maldives wtf?? 5-1 lost to a Bangladesh team after 19 years!! Fucking bullshit! That guy in Bangladesh team is very good at high balls and no defender were marking that guy who played 4 games for Argentina..and maziya are celebrating a draw against ccfc who had 0 Indian national team players..and TC is celebrating the first match in AFC cup🤬 this the fucking level of maldivian football I thought we were getting better
    The only maldivian team who never disappointed us was New Radiant sc 💙

  4. My friend Chennai city fc is nt frm Indian super League they are frm Indian league..Indian super League is the first division in India..

  5. Hoping Our Indian Club Chennai City FC Can Beat Maziya FC In The Next Meeting

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