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Wow! These new skins are AMAZING! Really loving the anime theme for the line 🙂 What do you guys think about them? I’m a little disappointed in the Lux skin, but the Ezreal one is so cool!

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Edits by Warden:
Intro/Outro by Ethan:

Custom art by InkSen:
Thumbnail art:

Intro Music: dark cat – BUBBLE TEA (feat. juu & cinders)

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23 thoughts on “ANIME IN LEAGUE?! *NEW* Battle Academia EZREAL + LUX! Ft. Yamikaze & Luxxbunny

  1. How did I just find this video LMAO this was so funny with the voice and the animated character

  2. Lol I love your voice I don’t give a shit what anyone says and who ever edits your video is amazing also the art style is amazing

  3. Bro her voice is so high pitched it is so cute and making her British or Australian makes it so much better

  4. AshOnLol needs more subs, cuz her videos r wonderful she deserves more than dis if anyone might share her channel to facebooks insta or twitters ;-; those who loved AshOnLol who will always be here to support her

  5. I have 103 points of prestige, but i think lux will not be there… And i want this skin… 😞😞

  6. the pumkin man has led me here. i dont understand how you managed to take the word "innocence" and make it into a youtube channel

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