On this week’s episode of Viral Footy News, Joe and Dave discuss Barcelona players trolling Cristiano Ronaldo, how a Wigan fan has earned himself a season ticket after producing a very catchy football chant, why a referee got himself into trouble and loads more!

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26 thoughts on “Barcelona Stars Troll Cristiano Ronaldo! | #VFN

  1. Aye!!!! Hearts, hearts glowris hearts… yeah I'm not going to carry on.
    If you can't tell I'm a hearts supporter 😂😂

  2. I feel like it's all in good fun and no malicious intent behind it. Just old friends giving you a hard time

  3. Pique must have a subterranean room in his house that not even Shakira's allowed to enter. It's where he keeps his Real Madrid collage, made up of clippings from newspaper and magazine articles, scrawled over with frowny faces in marker. At the center is a Ronaldo poster, in front of which he jacks off with one hand while flipping the bird with the other.
    Seriously, though, I understand the rivalry between clubs, and players are always mouthing off at one another, but Pique's fucking OBSESSED. Like, police-might-want-to-keep-an-eye-on-him obsessed. Even when it has nothing to do with him he crowbars himself into Real's business.

  4. lmao…pique is a defender Ronaldo can dribble with his eyes closed… he is dump to do that…

  5. that ZLATAN cartoon poster on the wall ….. bothering me.

    I almost forgot about that bum bum girl because of that

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