39 thoughts on “Berserk and the Band of the Hawk: 7 Minutes of Gameplay from TGS 2016 (1080 60FPS)

  1. Первая мысль, шоб Берсерк был один в один с дарк соулс, но с приколами вроде решений, диалогов и тд. А на видео- хуета всратая (

  2. Go read and watch anime then complain 😣😤 afterall this Game is just like the original ; not overpowered just brute strength and rage.

  3. what is this two swing animation combat? left and right, not to mention it's slow asf. You might not like the dynasty series, but don't do them dirty in comparing them to this xD

  4. the game looks too easy, definitely not suitable for berserk, it must have at least a dark souls difficulty level

  5. Pumping through it, dragonslayer, handcannon, then pull out a throwing knife. It wouldn't really work would it. The game looks like it would get very boring after a very short time. As much as I like Berserk it would be a hard pass on spending money on this.

  6. The main thing that concerns me is that you dont really feel the force behind all that. The blade just passes through and it doesnt really feel like you are doing something until they drop dead. There is a chapter in Kid icarus where you can play as Magnus and there every hit got that little delay in animation, the resistence of enemy flesh behind them. Overall it really feels like the blade is connecting with the enemies and crushes them with imense force. This is exactly what a Berserk game needs.

  7. So it's Dynasty Warriors with a Guts skin or Gundam Warriors with a Guts skin. Either way same difference.

  8. могли бы сделать нормальную а вышел вот этот однообразный высер …………………….

  9. I get people complaining that this should get a Dark souls approach. Why not Ninja Gaiden (2) like?

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