Blackpink Lisa is coaching YouthWithYou Trainee for the stage performance preparation, Daebak!

青春有你2 Blackpink Lisa耐心得给各组练习生训练舞蹈项目为公演时候得到


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26 thoughts on “BLACKPINK LISA – YOUTH WITH YOU iQIYI 青春有你2 Blackpink Lisa舞蹈教学合集 | REACTION REACTION VIDEO

  1. Hello Everyone!

    Watching this video proves to us that Lisa is a very smart dance mentor! She makes the best out of her trainees and we love Lisa so much! 💖

    Please stay safe and take care always! 💖


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    Johnny: https://www.instagram.com/johnny_when99

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    Much Love 💕
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  2. yaaaass! I always feel so happy seeing guys fanboying Lisa 🤩😍 anyway, I super love her attitude on that show. We get to see a totally different side of her — in which I got scared at first 😅. She gets serious and strict if need be. She’s totally perfect in the show 👌🏼 she gonna be lit man 😎 I can never be so proud of her 💕

  3. It’s a competition where a LARGE group of girls from different companies come to compete to be chosen to be in a temporary girl group. They do performance competitions and randomly get placed into groups each time,

  4. Can you react to the content of bangtantv, the ones that last the longest? https://www.youtube.com/user/BANGTANTV

    And the live concerts. Please. Love your reactions 💜

  5. they are not a team They let those girls been different level So those girls are in the same level (class )

  6. i think there's a link for best mentor vote. I vote for her and Wang Yibo, both of them trained with YG and i wish to see them do duets. Love your reactions.

  7. You should watch the trainees performance of the eve it was really powerfull omg lisa is a very good mentor she trained them so well ( just type youth with you 2 trainees performance the eve ) ant it will show how good lisa have trained them

  8. React to “lisa being a language genius” by blackpink tea. It’s updated and way better than other videos I’ve seen.

  9. Please react to lisa swalla stage 1 & 2, react to lisa lemon stage, lisa faded and attention stage

  10. Let me explain the competition a bit. The show wants to make a girl group of 9 members right now there are 100 girls. They perform singing dancing and rap songs as missions each week with help and guidance from the mentors ( that is lisa) but it's the fans voting from home that determines who stays in the competition. Each time people vote and then they are ranked and then eliminations happen by rank. But eliminations haven't started yet for this season. in the next two weeks they might have eliminations and remove the last 40 in rank leaving only 60. They keep doing that till it gets to top9 girls. Then the girl group will be formed

  11. Pls react to the new episode of Love yourself:Speak yourself in seoul,it is on there youtube channel “bangtantv”.The video is all about how they practice and prepare for there concerts.I really hope you’ll react to that🙏🏻💜💜💜

  12. Please reaction Lisa swalla in Sydney🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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