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31 thoughts on “Bound by Flame: Launch Trailer

  1. This game is not for pokemon players, they live in the closed world of the pokemon and has no critical analysis to evaluate a game. It has no basis for commenting, do not comment. Do not like to challenge pokemon game for another 20 years.

  2. To anyone who stumbles upon this comment.
    It was a good game, not the greatest, could have been better, but still enjoyable if you went in blind.
    Has great potential if they did a complete remaster or a remake

  3. Let's guess how much scenes from this trailer were used for the final game…. 4?, maybe 5?

  4. tan excelente trailer y tan mal juego que fue, que pena que difieren tales cosas hoy en día en el mundo de los vídeo juegos y el cine

  5. Are guys gonna do a review for this soon, looks really interesting but would love an opinion.

  6. I can't decide if it's more an homage to "Army of Darkness," or "Demon Knight" either way, not a bad plot, but the setting is overdone, pick another time period just not present day.

  7. Wait, it's out in 3 days?! Ok I now have something to play while waiting for Dragon Age and Witcher 3.

  8. I really like this trailer. VO and graphics are serviceable but music is trully epic. Overall this seems like big step from very mediocare War Logs. Will definetly give it a try.

  9. I have great hope for this game, looks really old school dragon age origin type RPG which is really cool, I am definitely gonna play it.  I hope it has decent gameplay, RPG elements and above all, story!

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