(Eng sub & Tiếng Việt) This recipe is kinda “magic” to me. With one dough, you can shape in as many different methods as you like. The taste is buttery, not too sweet, and crunchy, quite similar to Danish butter cookies. Below are the list of ingredients and some tips for 100% success in the first attempt 🙂


240 grams unsalted butter – softened at room temperature
240 gram icing sugar (granulated sugar is also fine)
2 eggs medium sized
1 teaspoon/tsp (5 ml) vanilla extract
400 gram all purpose flour


1. Using cookie press:
– Use a non-greased baking tray. Don’t line any parchment papers. Don’t use silicon mats because the cookie dough needs to stick to the tray.
– Hold the press very tight with the other hand while you press. Only press once but firmly.

2. Using piping tips
– You can leave the dough at a warm place to soften it a bit before adding it into a piping bag. Soft dough is easier to be piped. After finishing piping the dough, you can add the whole tray into the fridge to make the dough firm back.

However, note that this recipe doesn’t require the dough to be chilled to hold the shape.

– For the jam in the middle of the cookie, you can use raisins, soaked in warm water or Rum/ Brandy until soft. You can also make your own jam following the instruction in this video:

3. Using cookie cutters:
– It’s easier to roll the dough through a sheet of parchment paper as in the video.

– No need to chill the dough before baking, this cookie dough holds shape very well.
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  1. Love this recipe…awesome video!hugs and full support from the Philippines💖

  2. chị ơi bánh có trang trí socola và mứt thì bảo quản nhiệt độ thường đc bao lâu ạ?

  3. I tried these today…Amazing taste….just like the Danish ones….but the dough needs to be kept in the fridge for 30 minutes if using cutters.

  4. Mình cho socola lên v để lâu có bị chảy k ạ. Nếu có thì làm s để bảo quản lâu hơn ạ

  5. Did you refrigerate the dough before rolling it as well? because the dough otherwise is quite soft.

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