Test, trace, and treat have become three major words when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, but when it comes to stopping a second wave of COVID-19 cases, tracing might be the key. But while other countries have aggressively traced new cases, the United States is still behind, even though companies have access to location data that could help.


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Contact Tracing Worked In Singapore & Taiwan — Why Is The US So Behind?

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43 thoughts on “Contact Tracing Worked In Singapore & Taiwan — Why Is The US So Behind?

  1. Pushing this strategy in the west will just anger people, it will never be accepted here

  2. It is funny to me that people worry about their privacy when they are willingly giving the info to companies like Facebook and Google. those companies know more about you than yourself.

  3. Contact tracing would only work if they caught the disease early, and with news coming out the disease might have been in the country way before the 1st patient was diagnosed on record makes this video and contact tracing pointless.

  4. I am from Singapore and to clarify, we are not force to download the app. In addition, we only have to provide our id number and phone number if we need to enter a place . Mostly importantly the government has been very clear and transparent on how they going to use your information and when these information can be obtain from you.

  5. In korea, when you get the disease. Your last two weeks whereabouts are sent to all people in the area to alert. How can goverment stop the disease when they dont know that info? 850k is the result of "freedom". I call it "not cooperating"

  6. Everyone has this virus in the body k. It's a cold / flu virus. Only hurting the ones they choose. Bad people caused. From the United States k. Nancy pigsty. Excuse my language.

  7. probably won't work well in a country with a large population like the US anyway. Too much contact between too many people at once.

  8. The US government already spies on people. Anyone heard of Edward Snowden? The NSA can already track everyone, so I don't really think this an issue about privacy issues.

  9. "To save lives" is the good emotional reason to 'trade' privacy to government and corporations… what a deadful TRAP !! 1984 Big Brother is not so far guys, be careful /!

  10. This video could give viewers false impressions.

    I live in Taiwan, this confuses me a bit. The government here does not do contact tracing by using mobile data. How far I understand contact tracing in Taiwan is that the government would ask a lot of questions, if you are tested positive, whereabouts you have been and who have been in contact with for the last 3 to 4 weeks. I know that from my friend and another friend who returned from the USA. Both were tested positive and were isolated in hospitals. They would inform the people they had contact with my friends and tell them to stay home for 2 weeks.
    I am positive that Taiwan government does not have private information from people's phones.

    And as for Singapore, the contact tracing works through an app, that you can download voluntary. It is up to you, no force from the government.

  11. Don’t 👍🏼 do 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼♾

  12. The bias in this video is unbearable. Contact tracing is the way to deal with thwle virus.
    To talk about the possible privacy problem is to ignore the fact that everyone is locked in their homes.

  13. LOL
    Keep pushing the globalist agenda of control, surveillance and absolute authority.
    Nobody’s buying what you’re shovelling.

  14. (I live in Singapore) To clarify; the contact tracing app is optional, Singaporean’s can download it if they choose to, you are not forced to do so, and the location tracking stops the moment you delete the app. The major way we contact trace, is that you physically log your arrival at a place before entering it, for example a restaurant/clinic/gym. The information they collect is your national ID number, name and phone number. If you choose not to provide this information you cannot enter the premises. Also the government is transparent with the handling of your information, if/when you choose to you can request the information they have about you.

  15. I will never willingly trade whatever privacy I have left for more government involvement.

    Americans are historically independent and take the position that the government is not our friend.

  16. BECAUSE IT'S UNCONSTITUTIONAL AF!!! Talk about turning us into communist China! NO THANK YOU!

  17. Human rights is a man-made concept, once you're dead it is irrelevant.

    So choose wisely, your rights or your life. I think it is a no-brainer to decide.

  18. I mean even disregarding the privacy concerns, contact tracing like this would also require everyone to carry around a smart device and have access to the internet to upload said data. With whole neighborhoods needing buses parked to provide kids with wifi to do school work, there will be many holes in any tracing that can be done.

  19. You want to no why the United States have more Coronavirus than everywhere else is because of a bigoted idiot named Donald Trump

  20. Tests aren't accurate. What about asymptomatic? US is a larger country and has larger population. This isn't Tawain first rodeo.

  21. the united states is NOT "behind", it's an enormous heterogeneous multicultural political hotbed … with a media that's toxic af. singapore and taiwan simply do not compare.

  22. Meanwhile in Australia:

    Honestly it's just stupid if you all just followed social distancing

  23. If contact tracing was in place from the very beginning, there wouldn't have been a need for large scale lockdowns. There are ways to implement tracing in a more transparent way, but that may take time to work out. The sooner that happens, the sooner lockdowns can end and the more confident people can feel about opening up again.

  24. We have already established what we feel it's ok for people to spread germs so why would this be any different. Heck the antivaxers risk people with much more serious things and prevent the eradication of others. In comparison this is a minor blip.

  25. You are too young and naive to understand why Americans are against this sort of thing. Fact is, there is no proof this saves lives in the long run. So I give up my privacy to the government and just “have faith” it will be used ethically and only for a set duration. Right. As if. Fact: Viruses exist. Fact: There will never be a successful vaccination against a coronavirus (common cold, influenza, sars, mers, etc.) So what is the point? Short term “safety” versus long term what?

  26. If it hasn't occurred to you brainless fools yet Taiwan and Singapore are much smaller countries with much less people than the United States so everything in this video is pretty much nonsense what works in smaller countries will not work in a big country like the United States.

  27. Contact tracing isolation requires action against innocent law abiding citizens. It violates reasonable search and seasure rights granted from the consitution.

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