Cristiano Ronaldo has LOTS of money. Juventus striker Cristiano Ronaldo has used that money to buy properties, cars and yachts. Cristiano Ronaldo’s latest purchase is a luxury villa in Lisbon.


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47 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo's ultra-luxurious apartment | Oh My Goal

  1. Ronaldo can get better at soccer and get lots of money thank you oh my goal for this video

  2. Isn’t oh my goal supposed to do episodes about football and not what rich people own 🤦🏼‍♂️

  3. 😂😂did Oh My Goal just said Ronaldo life is Boring?? I’m sorry Oh My Goal that you can’t afford expensive shit and have luxury to go to luxuries vacations and luxuries places. But guess what?😂 Ronaldo Does…suckuh😂😂
    And Please Oh My Goal You don’t know everything about his personal life so don’t be acting like you have his phone numbers😂😂.

  4. His labour is also top off no footballer can do that much work to make his carrier as bright as ronaldo

  5. Donating 30% of all your income to the less fortunate and needy people is what Islam teaches

    Who doesn’t have home
    Or in hunger

    How much you earn doesn’t makes u a man

    How much u charity is what makes u a real man.

  6. I love this channel but plz dont manipulate us with certain videos shots that dont match the title.

  7. ronaldo worked hard, risked a lot to get where he is im proud of him, he deserves eveything he has

  8. Ronaldo have a plane ronaldo have another house in madeira ronaldo have more than 30 sport hyper cars.

  9. Looks like Ronaldo is spending money on apartment than spending goals on keeper 😁😂 also like

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