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Miyue is the most favorite little princess of Chuwei Wang, but his status has plummeted when he was in the battle of King Chuwei. His mother was expelled from the palace after being Chuwei. After many years, he returned to the palace to revenge for disaster and crisis. Miyue and Chu Gongzi, Huang Xi, Qingmei, and Zhumei, really love each other. In order to be able to run away smoothly with Huang Xi, they voluntarily served as the dowry of the Princess of Sissi, and they were married to Qin State. On the way to Qin, they supported each other. In the middle of the country, the ceremonial car was robbed by the army led by the Yiqu Wang Yu on the Qin State Road. Because of the need to save the moon, Huang Xi’s fall to the valley was unclear, and the disappointing month was to find the master behind the scenes. When he entered the Qin Palace, he became the queen of the Qin State. He was kidnapped by Mrs. Wei and was kidnapped by his brother, Wei Wei, who had been asked by his mother. The original sister’s feelings gradually split after the birth of his son. The contenders of the sons, Qin Wangxi regretted and died. Hao Yue and his son were sent to the distant Yan State. Unexpectedly, Qin Wu Wang swayed and died, Qin State chaos. In the month of the month, he returned to the Qin State by the military force of the Yiqu and settled the Qin Dynasty. The son of Miyue was crowned king, and the history was called Qin Zhaoyu. Miyue became the first Taihou in history, and the history was called Qin Xuan.

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