This time on my let’s play/walkthrough/playthrough of Fire Emblem Awakening: Thanks to my master strategies we LTC’d 3 chapters!
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Fire Emblem Awakening takes place approximately 2,000 years after the events of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light. In ancient times, the Fell Dragon Grima attempted to destroy the world. To stop Grima, the Divine Dragon Naga chose the ruler of the Halidom of Ylisse (known as the First Exalt), and granted him power through two magical objects: Falchion, a sword with the power to slay dragons; and the Fire Emblem, a magical shield. Using these, the Exalt struck down Grima, sending it into a long slumber. In the intervening period, the continents of Archanea and Valentia became known as Ylisse and Valm.

By the present time, the land of Ylisse is divided between the Halidom of Ylisse, which continues to worship Naga, and is ruled by Exalt Emmeryn and defended by her brother Chrom; the kingdom of Plegia, which worships Grima; and Regna Ferox, a country whose rulers periodically fight for dominance. Fifteen years prior to Awakening, the last Exalt of Ylisse, Emmeryn’s father, waged a religious war against Plegia, which greatly damaged Ylisse and left bitterness on both sides. Ylisse has slowly recovered from the war due to Emmeryn’s peaceful actions.

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34 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Awakening ➤ 24 – Let's Play – AM I BECOME GODS? – Playthrough Gameplay

  1. 30:30 Yo, I know I'm a few months late, but a friend of mine made that meme and I posted it to my Instagram-


    There's the link, if you're interested

  2. I thought this would be the last chapter. It feels like the sword of damocles hangs over this lp and I don't like it

  3. Here’s how I imagined Grima trying to reunite with Onex pre amnesia:
    Grima: Hey you, I’m you but stronger and from the future!

    Onex: Cool!

    Grima: If you and I reunite, we will both get immense power, and we could get some ice cream afterwards!

    Onex: You had me at “ice cream”!

  4. Best of luck with your capture card! You should have a montage of your capture card going out at the most inopportune moments.

  5. Here's to hoping that capture card holds out for…*checks notes*…3 more chapters.

    Well, plus character endings.

  6. Also, in Path of Radiance, it mentions that using Warp Powder would tire the Black Knight out slightly, to where he could not immediately fight at full strength. The Rewarp staff was supposedly in a prototype stage, so it had its limitations as well.

  7. just casually Nos-tank through entire chapters. lol. Well you tried at least. Gotta do what you gotta do.

  8. I'm finally getting a 3DS, just waiting for it to come by mail and Awakening will be my first 3DS game lol. It's all already paid for so nobody can change my mind. I'll likely get Bravely Default, the other FE games for the 3DS, and other jrpg's that could possibly be interesting that I don't know about because I've never had a 3DS before. Xeno, have you heard of Hoshigami? It's a a DS game not 3DS, but I understand a 3DS can play either or. It plays similar to FE or FF tactics, basically a strategy jrpg as well. It has a couple of things unique to it, but I think is worth checking out. Story isn't too bad, I think it's better than Awakening in that regard at least imo.
    Tbh even though it was my birthday $ (it's still not til tomorrow, my birthday, but I'm snowed in right now lol), I wasn't the 1 who used it. I thought since it's been out awhile it'd be like $20 roughly, not $40 from what my mom told me. But oh well too late to back out now lol, pretty sure I'd still find it fun cause like Xeno I like to act silly when a games story is being stupid lol

  9. I played that awful eternal staircase map in Conquest using just my unit paired with Effie so no shame. The other units, no matter how strong, just end up getting in the way on maps like these.

    Also that scene is pretty different if youre married to her, but the whole game in general changes a lot if you marry Chrom. This scene in particular is really heartbreaking if you accept her judgement. It gives a lot more substance to Lucina in general and changes the way Chrom talks about you in a lot of scenes. But yet they cant even be bothered to stop Leo from calling you "sister" if you marry him in Fates…

  10. Playing Lunatic Awakening:
    •Get a Def blessed Lon'qu
    •Get an amazing Sully
    •Vaike is decent
    •Stahl has 16 Str by endgame for the 3rd time in a row

  11. To be honest this game has some fun maps but as you experienced it here, it also has some of the worst map of FE history so I do not blame you for cheesing as I have done it myself.
    Also why does it feel like Onex hasn't gone through puberty yet ? His voice is so different from his evil double from the future x)

  12. I just can't believe how tense the Awakening endgame somehow got just because of that capture card! I'm on the edge of my seat somehow, haha!!

    Seeing you cheese those maps is just the best. Seriously.

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