Facebook has had quite the week after rolling out Graph Search. Now, iPhone Users in the US can make free voice calls on the Facebook Messenger app! Scott shows you how. Do you think this is just another data mine disguised as a hip new feature? Let us know in the comments below!

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Host: Scott Bromley
Producer: Lauren Rudser
Associate Producers: Todd Boudreaux, Chastity Vicencio
Editor: Frank Knight




28 thoughts on “Free Calling with Facebook Messenger App

  1. So if my cell phone number is set to only me being able to see it, and someone calls me on messenger, does that mean he has my cell phone number???

  2. Hi team i;m having problem to make a voice call to some one on facebook messenger,can somebody help me with?

  3. Facebook messenger is bull shit it can Fukien find out everything your doing… If you don't believe me … And have an android smart phone got to application manager. Then messager. Then scroll down to app info. There it will tell you everything. Basically it can hack into your phone and find out stuff behinds your back… Watch out children…

  4. Amazing app but mine I can't use even I got now free call. Is not working, stell saying everytime i hit the icon phone (unable to use from now.) And my phone is Samsung Galaxy Fame. Any one can help me how to activate.

  5. ok that part seem easy enough, I can't get code to activate, where is the CODE  going so i  can type it in to the phone 

  6. The actuall facebook messenger app is a piece of crap that allows the government to use your device's camera and microphone to stalk you!

  7. Well how do you disable that feature. It seems to me that anyone can call you even if they don't know your telephone number. That sucks. No privacy!

  8. im having a problem with the calling..i call a friend or they call me but they can never hear me..anyone know whats going on with it?

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