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• Beastling Dragon : The Beauty and the Beast Dragons had a child! It’s the Beastling Dragon, a little intrepid creature with the strength of his parents and an adventurous spirit of his own.

• Goofy Dragon : He can control pure energy like no one else. In his ceremonies, Goofy Dragon is so empowered by energy that he can levitate. When he’s in a trance, he becomes untouchable.

• Frightening Dragon : This hero belongs to an old world, far away in both time and space, where only the strongest survived. Imagine how strong this dragon must be: Frightening Dragon’s made it to our days and to our world!

• SpiderKnight Dragon : Valentine loves chocolate, long walks by the sea, starry nights and candlelit dinners. If someone special is there… even better!

• High Fenrir Dragon : Heroic Dragons evolve to their young stage at level 10 and become adults at level 20. The High Fenrir Dragon belongs to unique caste: The Heroic Dragons. He is a celestial palatine who protects the norse gods. He’s actually considered a demigod.

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Gummy Dragon vs High Fenrir Dragon | Breeding Tips …

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