Hello Melodies, Buddies, Ahgases and Once! Here is the hardsub version of backstagepabos’s English translated Weekly Idol Ep.261! ^^

Parts 3-4 will be posted in my convenience~

Please be reminded that 3% of the translations that the translator missed were translated by me so if some might be inaccurate, please do consider. I had to so that the whole point of the episode can be pointed out and for everyone of you to enjoy it. Thank you!

Disclaimer: All rights belong to MBC Entertainment. This video was re-uploaded with English subtitles for the benefit of the international fans of the idols who are in this episode.

Translations by: backstagepabos
Translator’s Youtube Channel:
Original video:

Timed, Typeset, Encoded and Uploaded by: @melodyy_isa
Find me on twitter! @melodyy_isa

Nguồn: https://mavuong.com

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32 thoughts on “[HARDSUB/ENGSUB] Weekly Idol Ep. 261 BTOB GFRIEND GOT7 TWICE Part 2/4

  1. 10:35 minhyuk taps yuju's shoulder and gives her a thumbs up!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💜💜💜💜🙌

  2. Engkwang stupid questions…"So i can hug them?"(Yuju and Jungyeon)..Haha its make me laugh very well…Thats so funny…

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