Welcome friends! This guide will explain how to carry as Kayle support in season 7. Special thanks to Alice for sponsoring this guide. Use the time-stamps below to guide you:

Google Doc:

1:30 = Why Pick Kayle?
4:30 = Analyzing Kayle abilities
12:30 = In-Depth Analysis of “E” (IMPORTANT!)
38:15 = Support Kayle Top + Yi JG combo explained
42:30 = Match-ups and Itemization
1:02:30 = How to Lane as Kayle
1:13:15 = Kayle Footage

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20 thoughts on “How to Carry as Kayle Support — An In-Depth Guide

  1. Thanks for watching! Special thanks to Alice for sponsoring this guide. You may find time-stamps in the description. Enjoy!

  2. probably time to revisit this support kayle using the new runes. her Ultimate can get super low CD that it'll always be up on team fights. her heals would also be so massive due to revitalize rune.

  3. Interestingly, Tibbers will apply On-Hit with melee and spell effects with his AOE. Kayle works similarly. Spell effects on the AOE magic damage. (Rylai will work, also Liandrys Torment.)

  4. Thanks for the Guides, it's really revealing on the finer details we tend to miss as players and insightful on future builds 🙂

  5. Do you have any tips for trying to climb with support? It is hard at times but usually you can get your adc fed if you are good

  6. Rather than getting any damage items, If i can I like commiting 100 percent to support with ardent censor, redemption, mikaels crucible, and locket of the iron solari. sometimes I'll grab a zz'rot and or righteous glory if we are in the lead. by the end of the game I usually have 3-4 active items It's always a blast when I have a hyper carry on my team like jax or yi, they wont die while kayle is on the rift 😛

  7. I've been looking to play Kayle in the support role for a while now and take it to ranked (Gold IV), but people have told me how bad it was, so I've refrained from it until now. Thanks for the video, the fact that it's recently made is encouraging. You got a sub and a like from me.

  8. OPGG – Dawidsonek

    Highest rated kayle main on the planet (challenger 21 as of writing this).

    His build – Berzerkers Greaves, Nashors, Guinsoos, Lichbane, Void Staff and Rabadons.

    Trust me. It wrecks face. Runaans and ryleis are a waste of time. Wits end only useful if the enemy have 3 or more AP burst champions.

  9. As a Kayle Main, I would like to make some things a bit clear since they are not some obvious things:
    1) Kayle's W is also instant-cast. Do not make the mistake of q'ing a target first then w'ing them, as it might be better for them to start running faster sooner.
    2) If you are playing with an ap carry, Wit's End is a Very good choice.
    3) If you are going with the damage build, I would suggest Flat CDR Blues to allow you to get perma-e.
    4) The exact number of CDR needed is 37.5%. That is the cdr needed for E to have a 10 seconds.
    5) Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a great option on support kayle in a damage build. While it doesn't work quite as well as Frozen Mallet, it is 500g cheaper. It synergizes very well with your e (it is a spell effect) and stoneborn (will create an ashe-interaction)

  10. hey prof i think he might be OP with kog maw… since kog's Q acid spit shreds armor and magic res. wouldn't that be a gigantic burst combo?

  11. Love the guide, not convinced that simply rushing Oasis is going to compensate for her mana problems, especially pre 6. Thoughts?

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