Teaching how to carry as lulu support in a Diamond EUW SoloQ game. A few very nice polymorphs also, hope you enjoy the support lulu game! Season 9 lulu support gameplay. Hopefully the lulu gameplay teaches you a few things in how to play lulu support in season 9 league of legends.

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Bizzleberry is a EUW Diamond Support Main and streams in the evening (6pm – 9pm) on weekdays and afternoon (3pm) until late on weekends.





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14 thoughts on “HOW TO CARRY AS LULU SUPPORT – League of legends

  1. Hey bizzle you should play more soraka because I'm a soraka main right now,and your videos really help me! 😀

  2. Ever since I started watching bizzle I stopped watching certain you tubers who would just complain and be mini toxic any time something negative happened in their games

  3. Hey Bizzle, your chill is absolutely mesmerizing, really enjoyable.
    After reaching gold around season 4 or 5 I've been hardstuck silvers since then, trying to carry games as a jungler mostly. I think what people should understand is that we all got a different playstyle and that we're not made for every role. I've been rushing my way through silver for days now, as a supp, almost going gold and I'm sure further more. I'm more than 80% Winrate on my main (Sona) and your videos really help me to improve as a support overall.
    Of course playing a thousand games in Diamond as a single role makes you able to carry Silver easily in every other role, because it makes you think in a different way and pay attention to different things, but first you need to learn and focus on one of them (and reduce the pool champ). The one you are made for. Every role can carry if you understand it.
    Keep up the great content ! Greetings from a froggy

  4. Hey, just letting you know bizzle that in your description, you spelt polymorph wrong. Keep up the good content 😀

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