Add Google Maps to website in 1 minute –
SUPER user-friendly. Effective. Fast and free support.

This video is a step-by-step tutorial on how to get a Google Maps API key fast and with minimum effort.

Elfsight Google Maps widget is a perfect choice for creating customizable maps with various locations and option to create location lists. It allows to show maximum info about your business and has automatic route calculation to attract more real-life visitors.

To learn more about getting Google Maps Api Key please visit

Nguồn: https://mavuong.com

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32 thoughts on “How to get Google Maps Api Key in 1 minute (2020)

  1. Hi, guys! We have come up with a detailed video, showing how you can get your Google Maps API key. If you would like to ask any questions about the process, you are welcome to write them in comments. We’ll do our best with the answers.

  2. after cards it will deduct 1rs n msg will appear saying that we could'nt verify ur details

  3. Worked!!!. I don't know if Google will charge me some money next year, but it finally worked. Thank you!!

  4. Génial. Je n'arrivais pas à le faire avec des autres tutoriels et avec celui-là je l'ai fait tout simple. Je ne comprende pas les "thumbs down". Merci bcp!

  5. Only want this for a map overlay.. Have to fill in a billing information for a free service.. Not suspisus at all.

  6. I have only a prepaid card but I need a Google Maps API. Google reject my prepaid card because it's a prepaid card. This is bullshit. How should get the API? Considering that a credit card cost $50/year and I don't need it.

  7. hi, i need api key for google map integration but api key is not showing without credit card is it possible?

  8. Google has worked on Maps, Routes and Places extensively then any other Industry.. I dont remember any other competitors Google is having on this domain. Actually google themselves doesn't had to do much on maintaining their database. It was a free service and people did it themselves. Google just made a platform. Android is another candidate i guess.

  9. google will not charge your credit card a dollar without your permission. the only reason they need your card information is to verify your existence.

  10. not working on my end at all no way to activate all 17 wasting time as so often on google too much stuff

  11. Fucking Google dont accept any debit or prepaid cards. Cannot set up any google api keys for my clients websites.

  12. Just another way google can track you and have a name ,address,and all other info your credit card exposes to them and Im sure they have ways of seeing everything about you or more than you would care. This app is used on a lot of car cams as we all well know. My opinion and so far I have a very good batting average.

  13. So do I have to pay for it after the trail or can I still use it, but just with limits? I´m a developer and don´t have the money right now to spent.

  14. Why so many downvotes, this was pretty useful. I had no idea they made using google api so much complicated and even requiring credit card info otherwise you cant make even 10 requests. Tnx for vid!

  15. Correct this card info or try a different card.
    Tried like 3 different credit cards and still doesn't work. Why? Where is the other payment option? Paypal?

  16. It is required me to register with the VISA card but mine does not work (can't register). Are there any other ways to get API key?

  17. But it asks me to input a credit card number, no way to go around it… what did i miss?

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