In this video my brothers and I run through a full chest workout…. sorta. Hope you guys have been enjoying the banter amongst us and our new style of content!


I hope you guys and girls enjoyed the video!

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41 thoughts on “INSANE CHEST WORKOUT! || 16 Year Old Tristyn Lee Trains Chest

  1. Yeah when you feed your child with all sorts of supplements and chemicals its normally going to look like that

  2. Это тот самый русский комент который ты искал 😂(нет) . Если интересно то заходите на мой канал, там тоже есть тренировка грудных мышц

  3. Bro anyone else notice that there was a 25 pound plate on one side and a 35 pound plate on the other??

  4. On flat bench around 2:30min he has a plate and 25 one side and the other side he has a plate and a 35 lol.

  5. Nagyon ügyes vagy!!!😰😰😰😵😨😆😆😘😱😱 Ès erős!!!! 😨😨😃😃😃😃

  6. You have a great figure for your age.
    I will continue to support you!! Way to go!

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