Loni Love really ruffled some feathers recently with some very controversial comments! Comment your thoughts below!
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49 thoughts on “Jeannie Mai gets VERY upset with Loni Love after AWKWARD and RAClST moment | Loni REALLY messed up!

  1. update I interviewed supermodel Liris Crosse who also had a recent issue with Loni Love. Check out what she has to say https://youtu.be/8tbbR5tj38A
    I swear I am HUGE fan of the ladies of The Real HOWEVER this episode really really really disappointed me! I am still a fan and I still love and respect Loni Love. But right is right and wrong is wrong. I hope and pray God touches her heart and shows her WHY her statements were hurtful and THE WAY she made the statements were NOT ok. Shan Boodrum CRIED and was deeply hurt that her FIRST and ONLY mention on a show she admires ended up going the way it did. Check out her official response on her youtube channel. Here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Xh0Ky4r8c4&t=1141s

  2. If her dad is Indian and her Mom is mixed… is that not partially white?? She's got white in her… same as Indian and whatever else??

  3. I agree with Lonnie.my hubby is black and white.some time I say oh that is the white side.i don't get it for them to be so upset with Lonnie get a life

  4. Caribbean is not a race, its a form of heritage. Black and white people are born and raised in the Caribbean everyday. Just sliding that right there….

  5. People shouldn't whine about racism if they aren't going to hold themselves to the same standards they expect to receive. If a white woman cracked these jokes about black people she would have been fired. I'm sick of these hypocrites. So just because Loni is black she gets away with it? Now that's some racist sht right there.

  6. What kills me about ignorant people is they never just settle at being ignorant. They gotta be LOUD and ignorant so that everyone within shouting distance can know. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ Loni actually disgusts me with this bullshit. We have to deal with enough stereotypes without getting it from our own. Sick!

  7. Lonnie is right and Real. Love her and her comment was real. 💯💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️

  8. Hahah Lonnie is hilarious 😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Real Shot Lonnie💯💯💯💯👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

  9. Why do people always assume biracial means half black half white. There are many types of people

  10. IDK why Loni keep fronting for her supposed people. Wonder what Loni's man thinks about her speaking spicy like that?

  11. Culturally black is not black. I don't think she should have said that she is white. That being said, her skin has no melanin. She is biracial. Def not black

  12. I don’t know why Loni is upset. People are paying for a service and if it helps so what’s the issue?
    Even though I get you were trying to say Shan is multiracial Caribbean (yea I get it’s hard to put Shan in a box since she can racially check off many boxes,) there are black Caribbeans out there.


  14. Q: Did she say her mother’s “White Irish Father.” I’m baffled when people only agree with science when it fits them? Meaning, your race is of your father… Or “I’m mixed with all races” when whites have stated & have written in laws & ‘if you have just 1% of black in you, you are considered black’…

  15. This is very common and accepted when in large crowds specially when the victim is alone with no backup. Example standup comedy.

  16. These shows are really about nothing. Women running they mouth. No political influence, it's of no economic importance, what are we learning? This show is form of decay….fellas keep your women from these bullshit shows

  17. How does that make her white? If she has a half black n half white mom then she is biracial then right? That's not an insult. At what point are u not biracial

  18. I dont understand why some black people do that, oh white people this and white people that, but if a white person says anything about a black person is all hell like no if a black person talks shit about white people it should be hell on earth too.. I don't care what race you are I feel that black, Spanish, and white etc. Shouldn't be talking about another race period. She was wrong period.

  19. Racist, racist, racist and racist Loni Love lost it and is with Amanda a danger for the young community talking about so much about race!!! They are poison and like she said and I quote: This a show for black women!!! Right there the show needs to be move to BET and get Adrienne and Jeannie fires cause if is just for black women what a Asian and Latina are doing there? Loni was jealous she have a lot of insecurities and then a racial thing ohhhh white people!! Cause black people blah blah blah!! She’s rude, mean and definitely she’s not funny she’s not a comedian she’s a woman jealous of everyone else the looks good actually everyone looks better than her physically and after watching this internally cause that’s why she’s ugly full of hate and racism!!! Loni and Amanda got to go leave the other 3 girls those are nice women and all races are present but they don’t push their skin color to the audience!! And also Loni hypocrite sleeping with white men? Ewwww!! Hahhahahahah what happened? Not so black after all cause there’s no such a thing we calling her out cause that’s all she talk about if she’s focus in doing her job who cares if she sleeps with a damn mix of a black bear and a polar bear!!!

  20. Im so glad that you mentioned the table being turned. It’s so true! Omg love your videos. You should be in the real tv show!! Keep it up! Love your positive vibes on here.

  21. It's not that bad. Lonnie is cool with me . White folks are the ones that had slaves. She's angry about our racist past.

  22. That young ladies is absolutely beautiful no matter what race she is. Loni, we know who and what you are just shut up.

  23. A very BIAS statement. Not acceptable! Seems like even reality stars need a lesson in “disrupting everyday bias” shoutout to American Airlines who introduced me to everyday bias, every employee has to take this course!

  24. I am mixed with different backgrounds and it's super hurtful and discouraging when people try to stereotype me. I think the color of your skin should never define someone's expectations of you. Should solely be based on your character: a joke should never be at the expense of someone else. Especially their skin color or where they come from.

  25. I know this is old video . I just wanna day this is what happens when you drink too much and too early lol (Loni)

  26. She acts like an aunty to Tamera kids but here she is being toxic to their upbringing and mocking them for there white blood. U think they can choose???!!!+

  27. Both of the comments aren’t the same. But we should stop this. We all do this! We are all wrong

  28. Loni love Is A BULLY who likes pushing Woman Around because She Throw her weight around ! And None of the Women Are Afraid of her ! Just like the men of the panel that Criticism Loni and Took her to the Woodshed and gave her a 👅 LASHED and put her in her place ! Jennie Mai Need NOT to Invite Loni to her wedding Since Loni hating black men ! And NEVER of the ladies are GUTLESS COWARDS !

  29. I really feel like they need a more positive lead for this show. It’s becoming toxic with Loni’s mess!! SMH 🤦🏾‍♀️ Just sad!!!

  30. Loni is extremely annoying and she fulfills MANY negative stereotypes about Black women. I hope she changes her ignorant ways – soon.

  31. Hi guys I'm an alien , oooh my weave!!! u guys have a lot of description for mix races its confusing , so I'm African and my mom is mixed and my dad is black , we just say u black cos your father is black , if her father is Indian she is Indian , why this krakra krakra mixed with pineapples and backed beans thing no man. For mixed ppl in South Africa to be called Coloured is because it isnt allowed for a child even if ur dad is white to be called white when your skin is toffee. Now the world is changing and its getting more confusing ,so do we need to ask ppl what race they are cos we are mixed with every race and the only thing we see is ur skin colour , let's rather 🚮 all this thing cos its not working for the world . let's call each other humans Finnish!

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