This video is a special edition to my student Amy Lin demonstrating how to make a popular fashionable word pendant in 10 mins in Rhino 5. I hope you enjoy it.

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9 thoughts on “Jewelry CAD Design Tutorial #13: How to Build a Fashionable Word Pendant in Rhino 5

  1. Hi Thank you for these amazing tutorials, I am learning so much from you. I’m looking at your menu at the top and see the tabs Gems, Jewellery etc, how did you get those tabs? Are they an add-on or are they hiding somewhere in Rhino 5?
    Thank you

  2. Thank you for the video this really helped me because I am a very beginner. I am having troubles with the trip tool, it is not possible to me to put off the lines in the W letter, when i use it, it drops all the word. I will be very gratefully if you please tell me if something in the points are causing troubles or I do not really know what is happening. Thank you very much, I saw your channel and you have very interesting videos. Regards!

  3. Thank you PJ Chen, this helped a lot as beginner. I would really appreciate if you have a similar video of how to do text on a ring or object for casting purposes please 🙂

  4. https://ibb.co/7VfBJtB Thank you very much again PJ for your awesome tutorials. I hope your student Amy is fully recovered now from the crash she was involved in a year ago or so.

  5. Im lost at the part when you extrude , im not getting a solid piece . I have more of an outline of the letters

  6. Thank you PJ Chen. I came by and watched a few of your video. Very informative. I am a 3D designer myself but learning will never stop. I'm glad that I found you and your channel. Keep up good work. Btw, hope your student is doing better now.

  7. Thank you for this video. Going to try it out. Never really occurred to me the though of adjusting point to merge thinner object so the can cast well and not break.

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