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Trying so hard to make such vid. For you guys thanks a lot for everything for showing such positive comments. Each like each comment and each subricribe matters. For you it’s just a subscribe button or comment but for me it’s a new family member. Thanks a lot again.

I’ll be making more videos of workout, meals, unique aesthetic stuff etc.
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50 thoughts on “Kar Har Maidan Fateh🔥| Indian Bodybuilding Motivation

  1. Or video banao Bhai motivation pr hme khud ko or Motivate krna h itna hm sab ke liye KR do Bhai 🙏🙏😟😟😟 😭😭 😭😭 😭😥 😥😥 😥 same problem Meri b h break up ☺️🙁

  2. Bhai.. Tumhe dekhte hue.. Fitness vlog banane ka mann kiya.. Keep it up.. And stay hungry and motivated

  3. Why you always hide you legs. You are not a bodybuilding freaks man. You just care for upper body that's the problem nowadays with so called people bodybuilders like you. Grow up dude and build you body to the knees and toes

  4. Heyy! I can edit this video better …if you need a video editor …just reply to this comment

  5. Bhai video toh as usual bahut solid hai magar mera request hai ki "MERA INTEQAM DEKHEGI" par please ek video banao..

  6. In india, i only like this dude as one of my favorite bodybuilder, fitness model. I don't base on how bulky someone is or shredded, it's just something that caught my eyes and just want that kind of a body, and i love this dude's body.

    I used to like danish zehen's physique too but unfortunately the dude is dead..

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