Lord of Rock and Roll!

And epic back and forth battle through the Crystal Scar between the warring clans of The Ninja Armordillo.
Also … lightning bolts are fun.

Rammus, The Armordillo

Odd little background. A bit sad when you think about it. Explains why he doesn’t talk.

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Feel free to add me (Deatheven) on either NA or EU Western servers as Deatheven13. I don’t play often on EU east but I’m Deathheim13 there. I’m on at weird hours and reserve the right to be an introverted hermit but I try to at least reply when people say hi online.

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9 thoughts on “Let's Play League of Legends [Ninja Rammus Dominion] – Rammus God Of Thunder

  1. A tip, when heading top at the start of the game make sure that you hit the speed shrine. Its faster despite what the pathing would have you believe.

  2. I remember my first game of dominion, i was malphite, and our team won with our nexus at 7 health (there was quite a bit of back and forth).

  3. @MetaSieg Oh I thought about Frozen Mallet but. I could probably do it instead of Sunfire Cape. I may have to do that.

  4. Hmm, after reading his backstory it makes me wonder how long it will take until we start to see novels that tie in to the game the same way wizards of the coast produced magic the gathering and world of warcraft books. Also, the fan created video where Rammus taunts everbody definitely made him one of my favorite characters.

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