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The 4th Great Ninja War is near. Two Hidden Leaf ninja say goodbye to where they grew into ninja, by holding a ceremony to test their own resolve.

Directed By:
Christopher C. Cowan & Haile Lee

Written By:
Haile Lee

Cinematography, Action Design & Editing By:
Christopher C. Cowan

Choreography & Coordination By:
Brendon Huor

Alvin Hsing
Cherry Xu
Shota Tamada
Emi Kamito

Visual Effects Supervisor:
Mohammad Forouhar

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48 thoughts on “Naruto Shippuden: Dance of War – Short Film (Turn On Subtitles)

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  2. Now to pay you to do a full length film for posterity. Does it mess with the older martial arts movies not based on fiction? Although they already made Bleach and Death Note, I feel the question is still relevant.

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  4. Am I the only one that actually understand what they say tho I don’t even learn Japanese?

  5. Oigan y los subtítulos en español?? Por favor please pongan los subtítulos in spanish

  6. The air palm should have amplified the fire and pushed back to Ten Ten instead of nullifying it.other than that this is beyond amazing.excellent work throughout

  7. Всё выдают глаза, паря на ,синоби, тянет а подружайка смотрит как актриса,ей бы хоть линзы что. Ли

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