NEW BREEDING: Terra Dragon & Electric Dragon [EXCLUSIVE BREEDING DRAGON] … 😱

Breeding Hint: Use dragons that are level 15 or higher. Who doesn’t like looking at stars on a clear night? This dragon is made of stars, and during the night you can see her shine. The Star Dragon is one of the calmest and happiest dragons, a friend to all. …. 😱

Heroic Dragons evolve to their young stage at level 10 and become adults at level 20.

∎ How to Breed Star Dragon ?
Terra Dragon & Electric Dragon | BREEDING TIPS …. 😱

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Dragon City is completely connected to the Facebook version, which means you can take care of your dragons, enter in to battle and manage your Dragon City anytime, anywhere!

Feed, grow and train your dragons for combat. Customize your dragon team and engage in combat with opponents from all over the world! … 😱


• 1000+ different dragons so far… with new dragons landing on Dragon City every week!
• Build your Dragon City with lots of farms, special buildings and gorgeous decorations!
• Battle online with thousands of players and their dragon teams!
• Breed and combine up to 10 types of Dragons: Terra, Flame, Sea, Nature, Electric, Ice, Metal, Dark, Legend and Pure!

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35 thoughts on “NEW BREEDING: Terra Dragon & Electric Dragon | DRAGON CITY 😍

  1. Pfft if it is true why do u have to skip that part why dont u just click take egg -_- i dont frickin belive this im giving a 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 srry🙄

  2. The thing that annoyed me in this video is how many times you took picture while battling 🙄

    You may not get it. There are other dragons you get when you breed the dragons.

  4. i wanted to get that dragon but i did not know that you could breed it thanks for making this video😊😊😊😊

  5. mentira por que eu tentei veio dragão estrelar tentei mais de 20 vezes tenho o monte de dragão estrelar

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