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34 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS – Fire Emblem Awakening Character Classes Trailer

    if you make Donny a mercenary then a hero his rating gets close to 300 on his own👌👌
    Which if you put Morgan on the same path he’s also a tank

  2. edit with the benefit of no longer being an immature 14 year old I feel as if the graphics and animations have taken a turn slightly for the worse to match a new market which in a way slightly sacrifices the deeper and darker feel of the previous games. Luckily graphics do not make a game good and therefore I can still appreciate the quality of the game despite this.

  3. wait, so each character we'll get would be a different class?? Aaah.. I wasn't able to get the knight _'

  4. If you look closely, a lot of those winged riders cut their mount wings while rotating the weapon of choice.

  5. Swordmasters, Grandmasters, Generals, and Dark Knights are still there. Trust me. I have them.

  6. That was not all the classes, of course. It left out a bunch, like Grandmaster, General, Dark Knight, even more.

  7. um… I was wondering, if someone would make characters like Emissary [M/F] – Wields staves Lvl 1 skill: Diplomat – Convince an adjacent, generic enemy unit to join you as an ally for the rest of the battle. got this from Gamefaqs, or summoner to summon risen as a dlc character, does anyone have ideas to create new classes, thanks:D

  8. Donnel can be great since he has an ability to get exp faster and find breeding partner for creation of super soldier baby.
    You can get it from Paralogues instead of waiting in Holy War style.

  9. My team:
    Great Lord- Chrom
    Pegasus Knight- Sumia
    General- Kellem
    Grandmaster- Xorthia (my unit)
    Bowknight- Ricken
    Manakete- Nowi
    Assassin- forgot his name
    War Cleric- Lissa
    Hero- Donnel
    Sniper- Virion
    ….there is more but that is really the main team of mine. I am at chapter 13 i believe.

  10. Where can I find those classes I tried to find it so I can train my unit but I can't see it please someone tell me where can I find it do I have to be in a certain point of the game?

  11. You know what I miss about Generals?
    Their giant fat lanced chained tot he armor.
    Made them look like mini-mechas form ancient times.

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