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North Korean supreme leader, Kim Jong-un is in “grave danger” after cardiovascular surgery, according to a report on US network CNN quoting US officials. But officials in South Korea have dismissed the report, saying it is an unsubstantiated rumour and that there have been “no unusual signs” coming from the North.

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37 thoughts on “North Korean leader Kim Jong-un reportedly in ‘grave danger’ after surgery

  1. I can't dream up a nicer Dictator to DIE. I have my Champagne bottle and my Caviar to CELEBRATE HIS DEATH. HURRAH!!!

  2. He's not dying, he's a shapeshifter…as are EVERY WORLD LEADER, including our own…they all are of the same ILK…non-humans. The sooner you people learn about them, the sooner we can do something about them & how they are killing us. chk this out….one of what you see here is cgi, it is simply taped of a tv with a cell phone camera.

  3. Why he eats too much?… People stop eating too much. We have to start eating healthy. I hope he is doing well.

  4. Trust the chinese to send doctors to aid a tyrant. Now, you wonder why the world hates you!!

  5. Did the surgeons have a choice? If they didn't do surgery of Kelly, they will get executed. But if Kelly dies, They will also get executed.

  6. it is wrong to say for a human glad he is dead.
    But those are not humans but monstars.
    And how many will come …..

  7. KARMA'S coming to get Kim Jong Un for all the Horrific Criminal things he has done. People like him ALWAYS get dealt to. Couldn't be more happier. 👍🏼👍🏼

  8. Did anybody else see that? Xi JinPIG only has four microphones. Rocketman has seven microphones! I'm praying for the pudgy little Rocketman… praying that he'll DIE!

  9. Hmmm yesh, he missed his grandfather's birthday and was last reported by North Korean state media on 12th April. Very not unusual…

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