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Welcome to my Ironman run of Awakening. The rules for this run are simple, any units lost are gone forever and if I get a game over for any reason, the run is over, though I might re-start from scratch. The difficulty will be Hard Classic as Lunatic is a bit too RNG, but I will not be doing any grinding. I might unlock children units and einherjar units if I lose too many characters, and chat might get to vote on this.

#fireemblem #awakening #nintendo

Part 3: Fire Emblem Awakening, Ironman Stream – “The Massacre of Boathalla”

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22 thoughts on “Part 3: Fire Emblem Awakening, Ironman Stream – "The Massacre of Boathalla"

  1. 16:46 Revenge of the Sexbots
    25:06 Ardenbros we won!
    1:57:37 Cherche gone
    1:58:27 Remember checking weapons?
    2:01:00 Boss moves; Punished
    2:07:11 Big Moment
    2:08:03 Sigurd saved the franchise
    2:15:40 Dead meme revived
    2:29:52 Never Punished
    2:42:15 Virion can now rise from the bench
    3:05:42 Bowcinabros… we lost…
    3:34:34 AMBUSH SPAWNS!! RIP Henry and Lissa
    3:35:39 3% CRIT KILLS ARDEN
    3:41:34 Hope is dead
    3:44:02 It was… a good ride…
    3:53:05 OSCAR MOMENT
    4:02:41 Mangs’ heart attack

  2. Random fact for y'all: You should not listen to Shostakovich while watching these streams.
    … So, the internet, and all.

  3. im starting to remember why i dont want to replay awakening ambush spawns are fucking stupid whoever had the idea to invent ambush spawns needs fired from IS tbh

  4. Wow, I'm sure the rest of the units that SURVIVED the boat ride will FOREVER have sea-sickness now…

  5. Why Gregor's luck with whemen so bad?
    Gregor just wants wife, but gets hole in heart instead…

  6. Etika has officially done better than Mangs at ironmanning awakening. Shame the vids are lost now but god this is kinda pathetic

  7. I'm playing ironmangs along you, that assassin could not even damage chrom and Chrom doubled him XD like WTF literally zero threat assassin XD

  8. Cordelia: "Fine Vaike, we can get married. I'm going to think of Chrom every time we bang though."
    Vaike: "That's ok, so will I!"

  9. Mangs if you ever see this comment which I pray to god you will.😅 if you ever feel tired or you don't feel like streaming any longer then you can try to take A break once in Awhile I'm sure your fans will understand your health matters the most! Anyway Love your content and hoping you continue to stay awesome! 🙂

  10. On the bright side, Mangs, you could keep Unil as a Dark Knight until she gets life taker, then second seal to sorcerer so she can use life taker with Nosferatu.

  11. Bruh at the Lucina reveal they put two fantastically animated cutscenes back to back. I both hate Fates for having mostly lame cutscenes despite the same image quality and Echoes/Three Houses for not looking nearly as good as this.

  12. I'm kinda annoyed Mangs just flat out refuses to train up his benched units now that the cast has been massively downsized. That's kinda a big part of the whole Iron Man experience, and Mangs is likely just gonna be shoving already powerful einherjars in there instead.

    I'm not saying "grind" them, I'm saying train them up.

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