Reeps One and Dub FX last met on a misty hill both playing the legendary Glastonbury festival. This winter the two came together at Rockwell House London to write, record and perform ‘Stars’ in just 3 hours.

Reeps Bookings: DanGray@Getinvolvedltd.com



LINDEN JAY – Recording and audio production

BOOM CITY – Videography


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Reeps One is a force. Recognized as one of the most interesting and powerful beatboxers on the globe and a level of technique surpassed by none. This 2x Uk beatbox champions spear headed the scene with bass frequencies never to have emerged from a human mouth before. Now with an army of followers and youtube views in the multi millions things have only just got started.

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32 thoughts on “REEPS ONE x DUB FX "STARS''

  1. That s just perfect… There are 5 years in witch i watch this everytime. I just love it, and i hope everyone Will see this, it s just precious ❤️

  2. No soy amante a este genero, mi hermano si y escuche esta pista y woww la rompen chicos, son geniales

  3. Best ads ever. Lol Awesome tune, sing along every time I listen. Makes me wish I could play drums with my mouth.

  4. Alien from outer space : You cant pronounce my name with human tongue

    Reeps One : Hold my Shure SM57 Dynamic Instrument Microphone.

  5. How rips one sings “it’s just the way things are” make me want this song into Spotify but it’s just the way things are for now for now.

  6. WOW….I've just stumbled on this video and gotta say these 2 guys are just the DOGS-BOLLOCKS!

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