Rio Ferdinand has an incredible anecdote about Cristiano Ronaldo’s life. As he was walking past Cristiano Ronaldo’s bedroom, Rio Ferdinand saw 10 people inside. In this video discover Rio Ferdinand’s hilarious story about Cristiano Ronaldo which shows just how professional the Portuguese star is.


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37 thoughts on “Rio Ferdinand: "I went past Cristiano Ronaldo's house and I saw 10 people in his bedroom"

  1. I would encourage people to block this user. They never post anything beneficial. Every video is fluff and misleading. Do not continue to let them profit from wasting your time. This is the last time I'll be watching any of your videos.

  2. Yes we got ckickbaited but instead of complaining let's report the video. They should not profit from being misleading. This has been happening too much.

  3. Cristiano is a consumate player. No matter what contravidas say against him is simply wayward. Is it actually jealousy on their part? Only they can tell.

  4. Absolutely right Ronaldo also Lebron James are the only to athletes invest their body 1.5 million

  5. Ok we all do respect in this chat 100000000 Messi fans who just want to argue are about to use this on Ronaldo if your trying to click bait that’s stupid ! You either get Ronaldo fans disliking and Messi fans watching and many forgetting to like the video, or you get Both liking it ! You could have talk about how Rio Ferdinand being impressed with how healthy it is or something like that, but you make it sound sexual !

  6. Why the hell still nobody reporting this channel… they can't sleep without talking shit about CR7…

    For first time I knew bedroom and front room are same..

  7. Omg is no less than the press we criticize, the title of video clearly says 'Bedroom', inside video it says in ronaldo's front room, come on OMG, this was the best you could do?

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