GTA San Andreas – SA DIRECTX 2.0 [Graphic Mod]

Author : XMakarusX

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Insanity Grove Street

Insanity Vegetation

| K – Retexture | Somewhere Near Grove Street

Freakin’ Jeffersion Retexture

Skate Park Remastered [Iron Version]

DCJ Re-Texture East Los Santos HD

K-Retexture El Corona

San Fierro Road Texture

Las Venturas Road Texture

Complete Car Pack

Vehicle Adjusments

Nguồn: https://mavuong.com

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32 thoughts on “Sa Directx 2.0 Gameplay – GTA San Andreas

  1. Why The road is always wet ?
    because I use SA Directx 2.0 – Bonus version for create Sreens (Optional For Recording )
    If You Dont Want To See The Wet Road Everytime, You Can Use SA DiretcX 2.0 With Option > High, Medium, Low, Very Low (Wet Road Only Show When Rainy)

  2. you have to remember that this game is supposed to be in the 90s so putting a gtr and an m4 makes absolute no sense…

  3. My bathroom floor wasn't looking realistic so I pissed on it and it started looking real again

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