Shooting Stars lyrics
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Song by Jordan Sweeto | Art by by Nicca ►

Background by onikiri_kung, RJ

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22 thoughts on “Shooting Stars – Jordan Sweeto (OFFICIAL LYRICS VIDEO)

  1. Got a lot of requests for this!
    I hope you have all been enjoying Shooting Stars!! (available on Spotify, iTunes and more!) ^w^

  2. Omg your voice is so good and the song is so beautiful! You did a amazing job Jordan!

  3. this kinda sounds like two people who met once, then met again over the internet and want to meet again idk reeallly

  4. Love across the distance, meeting quite by chance in this vast, strange universe. Lovely song, Jordan.

  5. I absolutely love ❤ 💙 this song so much !!!!!! ☺ 😊 and it's one of my favorites. !!!!! 😊🎤🎵🎶 and I'm your #1 Fan and I 💙 listening to all of your music on YouTube channel too. !!!!! ☺

  6. I was feeling a bit down today, I came home to listen to this song, it emidiatly cheered me up, the sun even came out as soon as I played this song, literly, also, time to memorize this beautiful song ^w^

  7. I love all your songs so much!!!!!!!!! They make my day whenever I hear your songs!!!!!!!!! I love this song so much!!!!!!!!!

  8. Why is there a 1 hour version of the Nightcore, but NOT THE ORIGINAL?!

    I personally don't like Nightcore
    All they do is speed up the song

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