Worked so much, had some spectacular dribbles and ended up with two goals and Sevilla fans applauding him. A classic performance from Messi.

Messi vs Sevilla 28.11.2008


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49 thoughts on “The Day Messi Was Applauded by Sevilla Fans After A Crazy Entertaining Performance ► 2008/2009

  1. Best player in the modern game. He has the foresight and passing ability of an all time great midfielder and the goal scoring ability to rival the greatest strikers of all time.

  2. holy shit they kicked his ass in those years havent they? wtf… poor messi getting kicked and pushed every second of the game and still not falling … meanwhile ronaldo at M.U lol..

  3. A Messi lo cubren hasta 4 jugadores y la única forma de detenerlo es tumbandolo. Hoy 24/11/19 próximo 6to balón de Oro y nadie lo puede detener. Increíble.

  4. over a decade ago…… & he was already the master; but it was so easy to spot it, it ain't even funny

  5. The public of the Bernabeu have seen better performances from Messi and never applauded him.

    I misspelled Bernabeu it's actually Bernaleo. 😂😂😂

  6. It must be said that Sevila have actually played brilliantly in this match to keep thix Animal version of Messiah down to two Goals

  7. sevilla play like one arm and a leg were tied together but act as if they are thugs. and the ref? he's a striped donkey without balls!

  8. For me best ever Evan not ever winning wcup peel maradonna Messi is the best EVER EVER

  9. Don’t make mistakes when you playing against #Messi. He will punish you so badly 😁😁

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