Firstly, a very big thank you for 3000 subscribers!! It really means a lot to me. I initially started my channel in 2016 for fun cuz I wanted to share my non-stop mixes with the world. Never though I’d go from celebrating 100 subscribers to 3000 within such a short period. Thank you all :’)) I hope you’ll continue to support me, and I promise I’ll work hard to continue uploading good content for you all!

Secondly, thank you to Travis who’s such a HUGE inspiration to me. I’ve been listening to his works since 2012. In fact, I actually discovered Eurobeat itself through him! I still remember very vividly, I chanced upon his Super Ponybeat remix of “Giggle At The Ghostie” back in 2012. And at that very moment I fell in love with Eurobeat. From there, I discovered Anime Eurobeat from Akiba Koubou, Touhou Eurobeat from A-One, J-pop and Super Eurobeat from Avex, and so on so fourth. I tried to arrange Eurobeat myself way back in 2013 (And lmao I was using a trial version of FL Studio 10), and was really discouraged that my remixes didn’t sound good, I even received a rather harsh comment on my first remix back then.

But listening to Travis’ works really encouraged me and gave me motivation to continue trying, and so I began arranging again in 2016 after purchasing Baka Ichidai Ver 0.5 and 0.87, and am still doing my very best to improve as much as I can, slowly but surely :’) I remember in August last year, a few people were talking about my remix in the Odyssey discord server, which I was not part of back then. And someone told me that Travis commented I had made a “solid arrangement”. I was so encouraged, from that point that I decided to continue doing arrangements even though I was still not very confident on the stuff I produced. So, to Travis who’s made such a big impact on me, Arigatou Gozaimashita!

I’ve always wanted to make my own remix of this song, finally I did! The Top is one of my favourite tracks from the entire SUPER EUROBEAT series. I just love everything about it – from the original arrangement, to the amazing vocals by Travis. But what I liked most about it was the lyrics. Short backstory, I used to be bullied a lot especially in school. I felt very outcast and small everywhere I went. But the lyrics really spoke to me, and I made sure to come up from the bottom and rise to the top!

Thanks for listening to my remix and reading my story guys 🙂
Boku Wa Ganbarimasu! ^w^

(Song originally from SUPER EUROBEAT VOL.217, arranged by Morris Capaldi)

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20 thoughts on “The Top / Ken Blast (DJ Timotei Eurobeat Remix)

  1. By far one of the best eurobeat songs, loved by many, however your remix, is the icing on the cake.

  2. The original is already an amazing song, but this, ohhhh this, is amazingly beautiful. You never fail to deliver! I'm loving it.

  3. This remix slaps !!!! 😎😎😁and a huge congrats on the 3K subs Timo!!


  4. Ayy this song finally got the energy the lyrics needed. I love The Top, and this just makes me love it more. A fantastic job on the remix, also congrats on the 300K subs!

  5. HOLY CRAP. This GOOOD. Why stop at the top, WHEN YOU CAN GO BEYOND! Congrats on all the subs, you deserve them x5.

    You deserve all the subs and many, many more!!
    This remix sounds utterly amazing!!

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