Let’s play Bayonetta 2 on Nintendo Switch! THE WITCH IS BACK! And she’s even more extra this time around. In this episode, Bayonetta goes from shopping queen to kicking a jet into the sky, all with flawless hair.

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47 thoughts on “THE WITCH IS BACK! – Bayonetta 2 – PART 1

  1. I feel like all gay boys need this game for inspiration.

    Btw, is Krysten Ritter a good pick for Bayonetta?

  2. Bayo is giving me church hat, face beat for the gawds henny! White Givenchy gown with the fur and cartier jewellery? LEGENDARY!

  3. The LIVE-ACTION Bayonetta Movie will REQUIRE a British SUPER-MODEL , with LEGS for DAYS, can pull off the ACTION required – & can actually ACT to pull-off Bayo's SAUCEY-yet-CLASSY demeanor. 😉

  4. Joseph, henny, when you beat the game come right back and watch that opening cinematic again, specifically the part with Balder (Bayonetta's father). The way the story of this game ties into the story of the first game blows my mind.

  5. The four people that disliked this video, are totally jealous that Bayonetta is a million times more fabulous than they are!

  6. I am so living for this series!!! I have wanted to play this game for Forever. Your shared excitement for it is going to make the game even more enjoyable! So, you are doing a straight week of Bayonetta episodes right?? lol I love you and your videos Joe <3 <3 <3

  7. "Live Love Live Love Laugh Live Love Learn Laugh Live Love Learn Love Live Amazing Live Love Laugh Learn Pray Love Eat and then Shoot Angels" the fourth installment in the hit series by Joseph Birdsong

  8. I think you'd make a lovely Bayonetta. I mean, instead of bullets, it would be vomit from all the spins and flips you'd be doing.

  9. Omggg so excited to see you play a game I've played haha! Can't wait for your commentary on the ridonculous dialogue in this game hahaha

  10. That moment Angelina Jolie would do as great of a Bayonetta as she did of a Lara Croft…
    Also, I'd buy a fucking Switch just for this game if I had the money, I never played this, only the first one on pc…

  11. Bayonetta is my goddess!!! I adore her!!!!! Also awesome cam editing I'm loving the emphasis close-ups and twirls <3

  12. Miss honey, there's a third game in development, it sure is! I wonder what the story is about and more importantly what will she wear?

  13. YES! You will absolutely love B2, Madama Butterfly is extra fierce, Bayo is as fabulous as ever! I love my Umbra Witches. ☪️🌹♥️

  14. Yessssssss I am so excited for this. The cutscenes in this game are my fave, I've watched the compilation somebody made like 20 times. And the music is so good! Tomorrow Is Mine? Moon River?? Amazing.

  15. Bayonetta is giving us Fancy-Short-Weave-Twirling-In-The-Nude-Feeling-Herself-"Urban"-Climax Realness!!!!!!! Yaaasssss! Hummy! Lol. Love the Let's Play Joe ❤.

  16. Loved your Bayo 1 playthrough! I think you’ll love Bayo 2 just as much. It’s one of my favorite games ever.

  17. I'm so happy that you are playing Bayo 2! I met your channel through your let's play of Bayonetta on a very confusing and sad period of my life and your videos helped me with that. Hope you enjoy the game <3

  18. I know this game in and out but I'm watching in because it is you sis and I need someone to make my work torelable

  19. @ bayonetta spill ur skin routine and makeup secrets that lip colour is poppin, jeanne too honestly

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