Train with World Renowned Strength Coach Shea Pierre as he takes you through a high intensity max interval style soccer training session built around being an explosive athlete like Cristiano Ronaldo! To finish the session, test your agility with the brand new PEP Virtual Reaction Trainer to enhance your cognitive performance to be that dynamic, game changing, electrifying, show stopping athlete!


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*[The Sports Performance Training Program – Vol. 2: The Complete Athlete]*

[Sports Performance Program Vol. 1]

[Speed and Agility Accelerator]

[Multi-Directional Warmup]




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35 thoughts on “TRAIN LIKE CRISTIANO RONALDO – Never Before Seen Virtual Reaction Speed & Agility Training System

  1. Soooo love your vids!! I love the exercises love the energy love the uniqueness! So inspired by you all!!

  2. Can de exercises be don by a 13 yers old ? Congralutations and greetings fron Mza. Argentina

  3. This workout killed me, I’ve been doing it twice a week for two weeks now and it never fails to challenge you since you go at your own level and constantly push yourself. The virtual reality speed drill was awesome as well. Definitely recommend for any soccer player, there’s a reason why Cristiano is following this guy!! 💪💪

  4. Damn Shea, this is something else. Really appreciate your innovative style and professionalism. I love how your workouts focus on the performance and this will keep me busy working off the pitch, while simulating game related movements. This virtual reaction part is beyond any other workout you can find on youtube. Thanks a lot for your efforts and motivation !

  5. Please does anyone know the name of the tv app use in this video or any similar app for tv or mobile phone to do this type of drill

  6. Great one! You don^t know how much i have enjoyed this workout.Good to keep trainning hard at home. So challenging! Thanks mate!

  7. This program is just superb!! The idea is crazy and so original. Using this, anyone can become the Game Changing Athlete they have wanted to. Thank you shea pierre and the PEP fast team for such amazing videos. Being a soccer player myself, I just can’t wait to use this and take my game to the NEXT LEVEL!!! Those speed bands and the PEP Fast soccer jersey would really help me. LET’S GO!!!

  8. awesome workout! This takes home workouts to the NEXT LEVEL! Also let me know if I win that jersey, it looks super legit!! 💯🔥

  9. Man since i discovered you i've seen so many new and unique exercises i can't even remember all of them!
    I try to implement them in my routines little by little cause this kind of training and some of the exercises are new to my body and i try to adapt slowly or else i think i'll be overwhelmed.
    Love your energy and amazing vibes!
    i'll ramp up my level to be able to do whole workouts with your style.
    Great work it's really helpful for amateur athletes who try to train more efficient and level up.

  10. yo shea,
    i'm doing the speed program rn.Have you an idea how I can continue training after iCh finished the whole program?

  11. 👀Physical Education Teacher 👀 getting ideas. Please enter me in the contest! Thank you for your dedication to kinesiology.

  12. Amazing stuff ! Could you please do one for tennis 🎾 as well ? It includes a lot of lateral movement while explosively moving to the opposite direction .

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