A tyre market at Delhi’s Gokulpuri has been burned down amid the clashes over the Citizenship (Amendment) Act or CAA. Some tyres were still burning a day after violence broke out at northeast Delhi’s Maujpur. The market is right next to the police station. Toxic fumes from the burnt rubber have engulfed the area. Residents said the miscreants came and started setting the market on fire at 8:30 pm on Monday. A few cars have been damaged and vandalized. Northeast Delhi continues to see intense violence this morning a day after protesters for and against the controversial citizenship law clashed and threw stones at each other, set vehicles and shops on fire. Five people, including a cop, were killed and nearly 100 were injured in Monday’s unprecedented violence.

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45 thoughts on “Tyre Market In Delhi Set On Fire Amid CAA Clashes

  1. Amit Shah and Narendra Modi has nothing to lose.They want to protect Ambani ,Adani and few other GUJARATIS business interest in the name of HINDU. The people of Delhi suffering by voting just for development. It is a Modi Govt propaganda. They want to destroy the economy of Delhi and slow all kind of development programmes for next three years. Make a communal distrust all over Delhi. BJP and RSS have done nothing for national building Now they want to destroy this nation Aligning with our natural enemies America and China. Their fake PATRIOTISM is a well established LIE.
    Tomorrow MODI come with a new Dramma DESH DROHIYOM tried to tarnish India's image in front of visiting American President. And offer big promise to destroy the TERRORIST and jail some innocent people. They want to take the people law and order in their hand and suppress the people.

  2. ये जाहिल मुसलमान केवल जलाना जानते हैं जब इनकी जली तब पत्रकार लोग अपनी दुकान चमका रहे हैं।

  3. ये मुग़लो का भारत नही है जिस समय तुम हिंदुओं पर जुल्म करते थे ये आज़ाद भारत है

  4. तुम्ही की कोम वाले ने कहा था 15 करोड़ 100 करोड़ पर भारी है ये उसी का नतीजा है। मुसलमानों की औकात दिखा दी है।

  5. The visuals  from Delhi  are horrifying and Barbaric. The scourge of  Modi's anti-Muslim agenda  spreads its venom , The right wing  RSS terrorists are roaming in Delhi with weapons killing men and women. International community should act and speak.

  6. Rohingya and Bangladeshi are doing this to unsettle the Unity of India…
    But They dont know Hindu Muslim bhai bhai…

  7. Why they all still on road to say no to caa

    What's there agenda..
    I love all Muslims
    Internally from 72 days I hate them
    And only reason they don't want to listen..

    agr ye kuc hua h to
    For sure this is totally unacceptable..ye jo Hindu Muslim lgaya h na in logo ne ..
    Ab sch m everyone internly feels .you all are not part of india agr hote to 72 se b jyada din se ap ye aurto ko bethna .. ..or hum logo ko preshaan krne m nh lgte.

    You guys are what should I say .
    Vese to koi nh jaane deta but ye dekh k sch CAA NRC ..
    Jo gair Hindustani hai ..pakistaan m hi rhena chaiye ..
    Tmam duniya chor k tum apne mulk m hi dehsat felaate ho ..
    Kya kahe bda afsos hai

  8. Abhi to dukane jalai hai tumhe jalna baki hai..ye Shaheen bhag ka badla nhi hai balki ye Kashmir hinduan ka badla hai
    Jai maratha🙏
    Jai bhavani🙏

  9. sab kuch allaha ki marzi se hota hai aag bhi allaha ki marzi se lag gyi isme hindu ka koi kasoor nhi

  10. यही कलाकारी के कारण 2 सीटों वाली पार्टी 300 से आगे निकल गई । कई दशकों से ये हो रहा है ।

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