Here’s all the features and details Apple didn’t tell us about the new iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard case! Plus, the MacBook Air still has a 720p FaceTime camera.

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41 thoughts on “What Apple didn't tell you about the iPad Pro & Magic Keyboard!

  1. I really love the new iPad Pro now that it comes with the magic keyboard. Seriously considering getting rid of my Macbook Pro to get the new iPad Pro. The Macbook Pro was initially purchased for University (College). Now I have graduated, it only gets used to browse the web, watch movies and YT.

  2. Hey Brian,
    Thx for all this good stuff. Do you think this magic keyboard is going to fit to 2018 ipad 12.9 model as well?

  3. I just barely bought an 11” iPad Pro 2018 towards the end of the year last year. I was very hesitant to get it for this exact reason: another release. Since I didn’t know when they would be releasing it, I just thought I would get the 2018 model anyway. And so far, it has been absolutely amazing. Now my question is this: do you think it’s worth upgrading to the 2020 model? One thing I should note is that I do gaming on the iPad, and the one I currently have gets really hot, so the improved thermal design really stuck out to me. Would you recommend I upgrade? Or should I just stay with the 2018 model for now?

  4. I am actually excited about the magic keyboard. I have an iPad Pro and I agree with you that it will give my iPad new life and I will start leaving my MacBook Pro behind or in the office. Can't wait to get live reviews of the unit once we have it in our hands.

  5. I'm especially excited for this iPad and the Magic keyboard! Having come back to the Apple ecosystem after ~3 years in the Android wastelands.

  6. Is it known if the new magic keyboard will be able to fold completely to the back so can be easily used to write with the pencil? I do not know if that hinge where the USB-C input is will go almost 360 degrees.

  7. As long as it’s compatible with our older iPad Pro I’m happy don’t shit us customers who buy stuff when it drops.

  8. Now I’m thinking about getting the iPad Pro 2018 (+maybe manic keyboard) rather than the new regular iPad.. what do you think. I like doing digital designing and editing. Need advice

  9. They should update macs magic keyboards 🤦🏾‍♂️ it’s so outdated , not even back lighted

  10. iPads are the best tablet, the only thing I don’t like about the new pro is it do not have 5G, which means when the next one gets 5G I will have to upgrade, this is why I am on the fence about this new IPad Pro

  11. The magic keyboard seems like a good accessory to me, although (of course) I'd like to see it at a cheaper price. But my current iPad is just old enough that it cannot team up with the MagicKB, which means I'd have to buy a new iPad to try out the keyboard. I expect it will be at least two years before I will be doing that.

  12. Love the new iPad Pro, I have ordered the new 11” and new smart folio case to protect it, I will be getting the new Magic keyboard, it will just complete the whole thing, keeping my MacBook Air though as Apple would only give me €213 for it!

  13. Are they selling ipad 2018 now as I browsed apple website there's no info about 2018 one .
    plz do reply 🙏

  14. Why would you buy this over the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook that comes with a keyboard, 8 gigs, 256 SSD, UHD AMOLED display, for $1000? You can even install Linux which has apps to run both Apple and Windows software…

    If the 13" iPad Pro came with the keyboard and a 256 SSD for the same price then I might consider it.

  15. Typical Apple to release a product you can’t even order. 😔… now that’s a F’d up Apple

  16. As a student, soon to be in medical school, I have used other tablets like the Microsoft surface Pros and nothing really comes close to the iPad Pro once they updated the iPad OS. I just purchased one and am waiting. I just hope they don’t make any major changes by the end of the year like it is rumored. Like that mini led tech. I and many others would be furious if 6 months later our new 2020 iPads were outdated!

  17. Although I bought the iPad Pro 12.9 as a productivity device, I wasn’t able to use it for anything else other than watching YouTube and reading/taking notes. The magic keyboard with trackpad is about to change that, and my bet on the iPad Pro seems to have paid off.

  18. Do you think there will there be a new updated version by the end of the year? I don’t need an ipad just yet. Should I wait?

  19. I like the idea that Apple has finally given the iPad proper mouse and track pad support, I will take full advantage on my 2018 iPad Pro. But, what's magic about that keyboard isn't the functionality, it's the fact that they will get, $300 for each one of them!!! That thing is WAYYYY overpriced!!!! I'm sure you can get a Logitec or some other brand for half the price.

  20. I love my 2018 iPad pro 11 and would love to get this new Keyboard/track-pad, but $300 is hard to justify. I could get a pretty decent Chromebook for that.

  21. The keyboard is the same price in British pounds so it will be about 30-40 more compared to what it is in dollars. An I’m still gonna buy it 😀

  22. Can’t wait to get my new iPad Pro 😀 gutted we have to wait till may for the keyboard lol

  23. I am afraid that if I buy this new iPad Pro, Apple may release a refreshed version with an A14 chip later this year.

  24. The keyboard is expensive but you done NEED to buy it… could I finally replace my 2011 MacBook Air with an iPad and keyboard?

  25. Are you sheltering in place there Brian? Also, why not do a, “what tech you need while sheltering in place” video. For me, I bought a Oculus Quest and that takes me out of the covid-19 reality, whilst still being cooped up.

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