In 2009, May 2nd, FC Barcelona annihilated Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu… A humiliating final score… of 6-2! A football lesson in Pep Guardiola’s signature style. That evening, the coach created a revolutionary tactic, inspired by a Hungarian strategy: the “FALSE 9”.

What was this incredible change in tactics, this unlikely talk between Guardiola and Messi which undermined Real’s ENTIRE defense?


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40 thoughts on “What Guardiola told Messi to humiliate Real Madrid (2-6) in 2009 – Oh My Goal

  1. Even if they did, karma comes back, and did it? After this, beat them in copa del rey finals twice, beat them in super copa final, and we won the champions league 3 in a row, something barca still cant do at least twice in a row

  2. He has xavi inesta and top player to help him. not like cr7 he can be god of football by himself and every team he play

  3. I really wanna know, do really players follow n be in the position what coach says. I feel at the time of game, how would player remember where to be in a rush!

    When pep Messi in false 9 role, real Madrid player cannot follow Messi or whoever to intercept the flow/stratagy of game

    Messi fan but this question always eats my brain!

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