⚠️ TRIGGER WARNING: This video includes mentions of sexual assault.
I mentioned in an earlier episode that Mama Mai and I did not speak for 8 years. And a lot of you asked us to talk about it. It made me realize – we needed to too. Mama Mai is my best friend and forever my mom- which means she’s human & learning, too. For the first time, what we discuss was one of the most powerful, and healing, conversations of my life.

Anyone affected by sexual assault or abuse, whether it happened to you or someone you care about, can find support from online.rainn.org. You can also call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800.656.HOPE (4673) to speak to someone who is trained to help. I promise, there’s radiant light on the other side.

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44 thoughts on “Why I Didn’t Speak to My Mom for 8 Years

  1. Wow only God knows what some of us go through our lives I never talk about my childhood and never will

  2. You, didn’t believe your daughter. You let her run away but when she got a little money and fame, you listened and believed her. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  3. I've been through and still going through the same thing I'm 17 ran away due to trauma and hurt growing up in an Asian household isn't easy very true on hiding emotions part it can be very toxic not saying there aren't other ethnicities going through the same thing but in this case that's how it mostly is. I've been raped and sexually assaulted by my father at the age of nine but stood quiet because I was scared, Time flew got physically abused by my mother's boyfriend after she broke up with him I then moved My mother met someone else a year later got sexually assaulted multiple times by then I was 11 years old never told my mom that relationship didn't last due to him cheating she found another once more and 4 years into the relationship he always made me feel uncomfortable I would tell her but she would tell me to cover up when they would kiss he would look at me and I would tell her but I would be crazy all the time one night while I was sleeping he came into my room and me being a light sleeper from just being scared and paranoid acted like I didnt hear a thing he took his shirt of and touched my face I woke up then he ran to the bathroom I sat up called his name he left the bathroom and went back in my mother's room I was so confused thinking like wtf then I realized I'm not going to be quiet anymore I went in the room and called him out I broke down crying with anger and my mom calmed me down and put me back to sleep but she stayed another 3 years with him because she loved him more I then became angry all the time i loved and hated her then after i confronted him in front of her and what broke my heart was when she had said " you know what you have tried to do to her" I asked my mother has he raped her and she replied yes. I never wanted to talked to her but I've always protected her and taken care of her no matter what it was she had put me through and shes very toxic mentally, verbally, physically abusive but what I do appreciate the most was when she worked very hard every night providing food on the table and making sure I had an education what took me a long time to understand was that she was also abused and raped and she had ran away but me understanding her she never and doesn't want to hear my side of the story I've grown up around a very toxic asian household where I would be judged cause of my body image put down because I wasn't pretty or smart enough just all you can imagine and now I'm living with my boyfriend and taking online classes with this quarantine but to all the young people and Adults its ok to Express how you feel towards someone you trust and your comfortable with even if you cant talk to your mom because i know how that can be most times. Just know that you have to be strong for yourself and know you are worth so much more than the trauma and pain dont forget what has happened to you but try your best to know that your worth it and to be happy always speak up if anything has happened to you if noone such as your friends,family,boyfriend,girlfriend doesn't believe you call 911 or seek help please be strong and never let what has happened to you define you.❤

  4. I somehow understand what her mum is trying to say , I feel like if the video was in her language she would be able to express herself better … But I also understand Jeannie and feel her pain , I know alot of girls who have gone through that and had know were to turn to or talk to simple because of cultural belief and home setting… i appreciate you guys talking about it and healing and involving us in the process.. thank you. Jeannie patting her mum and reassuring her, I don't know what to say you have a beautiful heart and mature

  5. This is absolutely beautiful. I love y’all and the bond you share! I know it’s been some tough times in this lifetime but we all know what diamonds are made of 💎 God bless both of your beautiful souls and congratulations on finding love again. I think we all agree that you deserve it 💕

  6. Wow I really felt this. Thanks for sharing.
    The impression I got when she said you were an accident meant you weren’t supposed to happen at that time and she was too young but doesn’t mean your mom doesn’t love you.

  7. Thanks for sharing your story. Sexual abuse has no color. Too many people went through sexual abuse. It’s always someone we know.

  8. I admire the honesty from both of them! You should always believe your child. Even if it turns out that child lied (b/c sometimes that happens) you still need to find out why and what's really going on. Even if you think it's just jealousy or a petty childish skirmish. Although I don't agree with her choice to favor the abuser, I appreciate that she took his situation into consideration without making excuses for him. I'm glad she eventually confronted him. Most of all I'm glad mother/daughter reconciled and I hope he got the help he needs.

  9. Wow! I can relate to your story soo much! I am soo glad you made it and fulfilled your dreams and goals! Thank you for this video… Thank you for sharing ! You are truly inspiring!

  10. This why everyone is scared to raise cousins around their kids because yiu end up loving them more than your own kids because you feel sorry for them ….

  11. Wow At 14:00 I started crying because that is exactly how I felt when my mom confronted my cousin

  12. I can understand how a person can say that is not possible. How can a cousin or brother want to touch a realative!! How can a father touch a daughter, this is sick!!

  13. Man is just me or you can tell how many surgery the mother has done and the daughter first thing she needs to do is her head is bigger than her body , 😂 😂 🤣

  14. This conversation should be on their native language and english subtitle…especially between daughter and mother

  15. Yall gotta watch mamma mai open up about her abuse! Have compassion, never forget but forgive and heal! ♥️💕

  16. Jeannie Mai you are a strong woman and your bond together as mom and daughter are even stronger now more than ever!

  17. Just by listening you both talk I actually cried with you .😪things like this really can’t and can never be done this persons are sphychos and should be kept in jail.this makes me so mad.🤬things like this will always be kept in mind you can never forget even though you grow up and move on.keep strong.you both have a real good relationship.mother and daughter always is the best so funny she brought up that she wanted to keep having fun that she was an accident.😂This is a very good mother daughter relationship I want mine with my daughters to be the same.lots of love to both of you.take care.👍

  18. It takes a lot to come out in public and share your story. That was deep. I cried watching this because I haven't shared mines yet and I don't think I ever will. I closed that chapter a long time ago. You're a strong woman and it brings me that much closer to you. Thank you🌺

  19. God bless Jeannie, you're a strong woman who's come so far, and your courage gives me courage 💖

  20. I watched your domestic violence episode and it led me here. Honestly this has touched my heart and I am so glad that you did that because I know there are so many girls who have probably gone through this. But finally feeling like your mom has your back, that touched my heart Jeannie. She has your back now and you have hers. It's amazing that you finally are able to have your moms support. To the girls who do not have this relationship with their mom, I pray that one day you do or one day you no longer feel that pain.

  21. I'm so happy you guys are doing much better now and are close!! I've always been close w/my mom, she is my bf, my ride or die, my everything. She passed away 3yrs ago and I miss her everyday😢😢😭😭

  22. My mother and I are so distant right now, for other reasons but i needed to see this cause you only get one mom. Thank you Jeannie

  23. I think your mom decided to believe you because you were either famous or she knew you were going to be successful! she is a very hard andcold person. she is blessed to have a daughter like you! you are amazing!

  24. Been there and it does hurt. My mother didn't believe either. It's caused a lot of trauma in my life. God has allowed me to forgive my mother.

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